Since its inception, Consortium M.R. has carried out more than 300 construction, renovation and expansion projects in various sectors of the industry.

Today, the company is licensed in several specialities, allowing it to carry out a wide range of projects.

Concerned with environmental issues and the community in which it works, Consortium M.R. implements meticulous work and control methods to minimize the impact of projects on the environment. Our company has also acquired considerable expertise in carrying out L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects.

To completely satisfy its customers’ needs, Consortium M.R. has acquired innovative techniques and tools in order to offer a wide range of services and to ensure excellent collaboration among project stakeholders.


With over 300 projects in our history, we stand out for our construction experience. For over 40 years, we have studied building science and construction methods through our various projects. Whether it is in the residential, commercial or institutional sectors, our experience allows us to deliver quality constructions that are adapted to our clients’ needs.


Our experience with public works clients has allowed us to develop distinguished skills in project management. Our teams work rigorously to ensure a tight follow-up of construction costs, schedule and quality of our projects. Always striving for excellence in management, we constantly offer training to our employees to develop their skills and know-how.


Pride! This is what motivates our teams to deliver quality buildings. With great attention to detail, our superintendents and project managers are there to ensure an outstanding quality follow-up on all work performed. We are committed to the highest industry standards and ensure that our subcontractors do the same. We work in constant collaboration with architects and engineers to create inviting and inspiring living spaces for our clients.


From the beginning, our company has relied on our young construction enthusiasts to carry out its projects. We rely heavily on the training of new trainees, technicians and engineers looking for challenges. This succession allows us to keep up with new technologies and to improve our work methods. Our young people fuel us!