Director of the estimation department (new)


Are you bored with your daily tasks? Is your opportunity for advancement limited? Do you want to realize your full potential and be part of a corporate culture focused on trust, innovation, and involvement? This estimation director position could change your professional life!

Role and responsibilities

  • Supervise the existing estimation team in terms of work organization, training and development;
  • Be responsible for large-scale estimation files;
  • Guide and advise management in the choice of projects to be tendered according to market trends;
  • Contribute to the improvement of tools, databases and best practices in estimation;
  • Ensure that a working climate focused on collaboration is maintained;
  • Develop new business relationships;
  • Supervise and participate in the completion of the complete project estimation cycle, from obtaining submission plans to approval and closing of the final submission;
  • Analyze, in collaboration with the project director, the results following the opening of tenders;
  • Request the implementation of bonds and insurance policies;
  • All other collaborative tasks with members of management and team.

Training and experience

  • Be a positive leader;
  • Possess strong negotiation skills;
  • Be methodical, observant and rigorous;
  • Manage priorities.

Skills and knowledge

  • Hold a technical diploma in building estimation and evaluation or a university diploma in construction engineering;
  • Minimum experience of 8 to 10 years in residential, commercial and institutional construction;
  • Knowledge of the main software related to the estimation and submission process.

Application form