Quality assurance policy

Quality is a collective effort to meet the expectations and needs of the customer.

The quality of the service is demonstrated by :

  • Sensitivity to the expectations and needs of the customer ;
  • Unfailing availability;
  • A friendly, positive and open attitude towards the customer;
  • Problem solving with a very short response time;
  • Quality recommendations and compliance with site guidelines;
  • Effective and collaborative consultation and coordination of all parties involved;
  • Customer satisfaction

The quality of work is demonstrated by:

  • The use of top quality materials and products in accordance with the specified requirements;
  • Respect of the manufacturer’s requirements;
  • The ability of the Consortium M.R. team to carry out a multitude of projects;
  • Careful execution of the work.

Quality management is demonstrated by:

  • A sound and well-managed organization using modern work methods;
  • The implementation of a quality management system;
  • A process of continuous improvement of quality management and operations management processes;
  • Continuous training, selection and involvement of personnel in the decision-making process that affects them;
  • Full control of the work at each stage;
  • Respecting deadlines with tight control of costs and budgets;
  • Innovation and elimination of activities with no added value;
  • Gradual expansion of the company;
  • Ingenuity, perseverance and adaptability of staff;
  • The team’s ability to share specific knowledge, experience and expertise with stakeholders and partners.

Environmental quality is demonstrated by:

  • The general attitude of its personnel to be neat and helpful;
  • The use of new, reliable and well-maintained machinery and tools;
  • The development and implementation of prevention programs that ensure the physical integrity of its site personnel as well as the proper work conduct;
  • An efficient and safe layout of work sites;
  • Cleanliness and order on work sites;
  • The establishment of a harmonious work climate, of trust and cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • Understanding and respect of partners and stakeholders;
  • Increased productivity of the work sites.

Staff and, in particular, management are committed to:

  • Implement, maintain and continuously improve the quality assurance system;
  • Promote company excellence by the quality of its decisions and by an irreproachable work ethic;
  • Provide, without undue delay, the necessary efforts, and the required materials, human and other resources;
  • Be accommodating, fair and in good faith during the entire process of each project;
  • Develop and update, during management reviews, appropriate, effective and measurable performance systems and specific quality objectives.